Hand country over to Tamil leaders – TELO Leader


By Eunice Ruth 

“To change and uplift the current situation of the country, give the ruling power to Tamil leaders and Tamil parties for one year,” Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation(TELO), Leader MP Selvam Adaikalanathan said.

He said that they will provide equal services to the public without division as Tamil and Sinhala communities. For years Sinhala leaders have been ruling the country. However, with the current situation in the country, we urge everyone including the Sinhala community to support us by electing us to change the current situation in the country.   

“The Tamil community did not elect President Gotabaya Rajapaksa as President of the country as they were aware that he cannot rule the country properly. Further, the Tamil-speaking people in the country are severely affected due to the ruling power of the President, as they have failed to pay attention to the concerns of the Tamil community in the country,” he said. 

Further, he added that the people who will come into power in future should assure that they will provide justice for the lives of missing persons and people who have been arrested for a long period without charge under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Meanwhile, the Tamil National Alliance and all other Tamil parties who represent the Tamil community in Parliament should think about the state of the country and sign the No-Confidence Motion against the Government and impeaching the President.