“Don’t seek a pardon from thieves”


By Nabiya Vaffoor

Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Harshana Rajakaruna said that he has advised former MP Ranjan Ramanayake not to request a Presidential Pardon from a group of thieves.

He made this statement after visiting Ramanayake, who was admitted to the National Hospital, Colombo on 18 April. Rajakaruna claimed that Ramanayake also agreed to his request.

“By now, 80 per cent of his sentence has been served and there is only 20 per cent left. It’s better to spend the rest of the 20 per cent in prison respectfully and be freed than seeking a Presidential Pardon from these thieves,” he added.

Rajakaruna also noted that the Government and its stakeholders are holding onto their positions when the entire country and its citizens abroad are protesting against them.

“The whole country’s request is ‘Go home Gota’ and ‘Go home Rajapaksas’. Instead of stepping down, they are trying to fool the people with a Cabinet re-shuffle. We heard that 17 Cabinet Ministers have sworn in but how is that going to solve existing crises of this country,” he added.

Rajakaruna further added that the public won’t be fooled by such eyewash and will continue to protest until the Rajapaksa regime steps down.