Bread price up by Rs 30


By Nabiya Vaffoor

The sudden increase in the price of wheat flour by Rs 40-42 and the fuel price hike has resulted in drastic price hikes for restaurant and bakery products.

The All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association (ACBOA) said, the price of a 450g loaf of bread was increased by Rs 30 from yesterday (19) midnight, and other bakery items by Rs 10. 

Speaking to Ceylon Today, ACBOA President N.K. Jayawardene noted that the decision was taken due to the recent fuel price increase and the increase in wheat flour.

In the meantime, All Ceylon Canteen Owners’ Association (ACCOA) noted the prices of a packet of rice, kottu and fried rice will be increased by 20 per cent. 

ACCOA chairman Asela Sampath stated that the sudden fuel price hike has resulted in drastic increase of many goods such as vegetables, eggs, flour and spices, and added that if the fuel price decreased, the prices of food will also decrease.