Stand together and seek justice for missing persons – Sritharan


By Eunice Ruth

Tamil National Alliance MP S. Sritharan urged both Tamil and Sinhalese youth to stand together at least for one-day to seek justice for missing persons. 

Addressing a public event held at Dharmapuram in the Kilinochchi District, he said at present, Tamil youth in the country were joining the protests to send the incumbent Government home. However, till today, no such measures have been taken in seeking justice for missing persons in the country.

 “In the past, the Army took youth and many from among us away and during that period, the Sinhala community in the country supported the Government in the killings where Tamil youth ‘disappeared’, and they celebrated it. Relatives of missing persons were demanding justice for more than five years. However, no decision was taken to find them or was justice done for the loss of lives. Therefore, I publicly request both Sinhala and Tamil youth of the country to stand with the wives and mothers who have handed over their young children and babies to the authorities, to join in protesting and finding justice for the lives of missing persons in Kilinochchi,” Sritharan said.

 He further said relatives of missing persons are not fighting for fuel, gas, electricity, or food. They are fighting for the rights of the people and for the future of the next generation, he added.

 Sritharan alleged that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa should take the responsibility in this regard. “However, no one has supported us in the past and at present the whole country is standing against the current Government as one nation. Accordingly, I urge everyone to stand as one nation and seek justice for the lives of missing persons”, he said.