New Cabinet no solution to country’s ills – Rear Adm Weerasekara


By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

Former Minister of Public Security Rear Admiral (retired) Sarath Weerasekara said appointing a new Cabinet will not solve the current financial crisis, which must be addressed first.

He told Ceylon Today that he did not want to take up another Cabinet post, citing that he initially stepped down until a solution is found how to restructure the debts and the financial derailments and find new ways to address the current situation. 

“I did not quit to take up a new Cabinet post, and that’s why I refrained from taking another post,” he added. 

“I quit not wanting to take up a new Cabinet post,” Weerasekara said adding that it is not going to solve the economic crisis.

When asked shouldn’t State institutes serve the public despite the crisis, he added that the new Cabinet cannot solve that situation and what is expected now is not a Cabinet but a solution to the problem.

He said he understood the plight of the people but that amidst these protesters  there were people who were trying to divide the country. 

“They’re chanting slogans such as ‘United Sri Lanka,’ but it should be ‘Unitary Sri Lanka.” I’m keeping an eye on what’s going on”, he said. According to him, the word ‘United’ does not advocate a ‘united country’ and believes that only a unitary Sri Lanka should be campaigned for.

The former Minister said he is now relaxed and could read more books which he has missed to do for quite some time.