Govt hoodwinking the public –Cardinal


By Kanchana Kolagolla

Extending the support of the Catholic Church to the protest at Galle Face, Colombo Archbishop,Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith accused the Government of hoodwinking the public by appointing new members to the Cabinet. He also stated that changing Cabinet members was akin to changing the pillow to overcome a headache. 

He expressed these views at Archbishop’s House yesterday (18) while addressing the media. 

Cardinal Ranjith said people have the freedom and a right to protest and it is the Government’s duty to listen to the voice of the people. He also said he would never accept the Government’s arbitrary action to stop the democratic right of the people.   

He warned that rulers were not the owners of the country but were there to serve the country as the people have selected them to do so and that the true owners of the country were the citizenry.

Cardinal Ranjith also said the Law must be the lead in everything including the President of the country.  Therefore, it could take action against the political authorities who go against the Law. 

“We should be united as the children of one mother. Politicians should take action thinking of the people of the country not of themselves. Or else they should resign if they can’t do so,” he said.

The Government should be responsible and should not play about and be sensitive to public needs, Cardinal Ranjith said.