GMOA warns of imminent collapse of health system


BY J. T. De Silva

The GMOA warns that due to a severe shortage of medicines and related ancillaries, the entire hospital system is in danger of collapsing this week.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Senal Fernando said, the present situation could not be prevented from getting worse than the Covid-19 pandemic and that there is a risk of increased deaths due to a lack of medicines and related ancillaries.

He also noted that despite the fact that the health service has been designated as an essential service, the lack of essential medicines for that service is a national crime, and that he has not even been able to contact the Health Ministry Secretary by phone to seek a solution to this situation.

He also said that the Government and the Ministry of Health failed due to a lack of proper management and due diligence. He claimed that the situation had deteriorated due to a fuel shortage in the midst of a drug shortage.

Dr. Fernando claimed that the inability to transport staff made it difficult to maintain security patrols in hospitals. 

“Before the situation becomes worse, we recommend that a technical committee be formed immediately. The Government and the Ministry Secretary should act irresponsibly because it is a fundamental human right to protect and maintain the country’s health system without hindrance,” he said.