Agri-business grinding to a halt


Agripreneurs and agri-business at all levels are grinding to a halt due to the inability to import agri-inputs due to the non-availability of foreign currency.

A press communiqué from Sri Lanka Agripreneurs’ Forum (SLAF) stated that electricity and fuel shortages were severely affecting agri-processors which cause the entire value chain to remain at a standstill. 

“Already many agri businesses have reduced their operations drastically and eventually many might be compelled to close down businesses, which will have multiple ripple effects on the entire economy as food security will be further hampered drastically to an extent that will not be able to bounce back within the foreseeable future,” it said.

The communiqué further cited that the SLAF strongly insists that the country needs both a short and long-term strategy to address the present crisis and to ensure the country’s well-being in the future.

“As a result, we would like to suggest the following immediate measures and initiatives in agriculture, as well as the implementation of a medium/long term vision, to assist our nation in regaining its footing”:

The short-term solutions include, ensuring that farmers continue to receive agricultural inputs without interruption guaranteeing that the farming community’s output is not hampered by the current circumstances.