Things You Need to Do Before Dyeing Your Hair


By Ruelle Sittampalam

Dyeing your hair can make or break your entire look. There are so many factors to consider before getting it done – skin tone, eye colour, fading, outfit matching, etc. Don’t just run into it spontaneously – being informed is the best way to guarantee you’ll never regret a dye job again.

Pre-care and hygiene

A good rule of thumb is to shampoo your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before your colouring session, unless otherwise directed.

Before your appointment, lay off the heat tools and leave your hair freshly shaped – this means leaving your hair in its most natural state. When the shape of your hair is changed, the shadows and highlights will be altered and won’t be maximised to your natural look.

Pamper your hair

A deep conditioning mask is the perfect way to prep your hair. Masks with avocado and olive oil are especially good for your hair. Not only does this keep your scalp healthy but it preps your hair for the foil heat from the colouring session.

Research Skin tone

A lot of the time with most pictures online, hair colours that suit fair skin tones are more popular. Make sure to see your ideal hair colour on a similar skin tone – a blonde tone may look natural on fair skin, but tacky and yellow on darker skin.

Hair porosity test

This is twice as important if you’re doing your hair by yourself. Curly hair takes a lot more research and care when dyeing your hair. Checking the porosity of your hair can give you an idea of how the colour will settle in your hair, as well as how much product you’ll need.

One of the easiest ways to test your hair porosity is by using a glass of water. With clean and dry hair, drop a strand into a glass of water. High porosity hair will sink, whereas low porosity will float. The more porous your hair is, the less product you’ll need.

Do a strip test

Before completely dyeing your entire head, take a small strip of hair that can easily be hidden, and test the dye on that small piece. This will give you a realistic look at how the dye works with your hair and what the end result will be. You do not want to skip this step and end up with an outrageous hair colour you hate. You can ask your colourist to do this if they don’t already!

At the Salon Bring a reference

A common mistake in hair salons is the dispute over what colour ‘caramel’ is, leaving customers with a vastly different colour than they envisioned. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you bring one! Preferably one that is closer to your skin tone.

Be realistic

It takes some people a year or more to get to colours like platinum blonde. Don’t expect your colourist to get your colour in one sitting, especially if it is a light silver or blonde colour. For any bright colours, expect at least two sittings and handle your budget accordingly.

Dyeing your hair at home

If you want to save some money and you have a simple job to do, dyeing your hair at home is the best option.

When dyeing your hair at home a good rule of thumb is to get twice the amount you think you need. Especially on darker hair, you need a lot of product for the colour to be incorporated properly. Nothing is worse than a half-done, patchy dye job. And you’ll probably have a little bit left if you want to touch it up in the later weeks.

 Additionally, you should opt for a colour, that’s a few shades lighter than your desired colour. Darker hair will not capture the colour as well as the model’s hair on the box.