Things to Do When You Are Sad


By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

 Sadness is a state of mind. It is also called unhappiness, sorrow, dismay, grief, disappointment, hopelessness, disinterest, etc. it is an emotion as well a feeling. The emotion of sadness makes one feel low, grumpy, and unhappy. When sadness conquers the mind, one may not be able to work normally, as the mind is not in its normal senses. If I say this in an example, a sad mind is like a grey sky, heavy with rainy clouds. 

The sun is nowhere to be seen. It is cold and dull. The birds and butterflies are not singing their happy songs and flowers are not in full bloom. A sad mind is similar to this. If sadness is allowed to be overgrown, it can even grow up into depression and other severe mental illnesses. It may disturb one’s normal life, causing distraction in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, when one is sad, it is important to realize it and take measures to keep the mind happy.

What is the first thing to do when you are sad?

There are many important things to do when one is sad, and these coping methods can be depending on one individual to the other, as it is different how each person feels sadness and other emotions.

The most important thing to me is that it is very important to understand that the mind is in a state of sadness. It is important to accept sadness. People laugh and express their happiness openly, but are reluctant to express sadness. Hence, most people suppress sadness.

Sadness is a natural human emotion and needs to be expressed to get over the sadness. Also, as some are told to suppress feelings like sadness since childhood, many grow up unknowing how to cope with sadness. Therefore, confusion grows, and instead of expressing sadness, it is being expressed as a mixture of emotions including anger and frustration. This is bad for one’s mental and eventually physical health too. Bottled-up sadness and anger can even lead to one making decisions such as suicide or harming others too.

So, sadness is not an emotion to be nurtured. It should be handled well, and maintain good mental health.

Here are a few things that one can do when they are sad.

 It is important to accept your emotions

Feeling sad is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. Let your thoughts flow. If you want to cry, cry. Crying as much as you want helps to ease the sadness to some extent. This is to let go of all sadness instead of bottling it up.

Share your thoughts with someone trustworthy

It is always nice to share your thoughts with someone trustworthy and ease the pain. Sharing thoughts definitely ease the mental burden you are carrying.

Have a good bath

A warm bath actually has a great impact on easing mental pain. Therefore, having a nice warm bath is recommended.


It is important to focus your mind on something else, to remove the sadness. This may not be a permanent solution but trust me, this can greatly help. Seeing your little green friends growing and glowing is therapy.

Pets are very helpful

Spending some time with pets is very good therapy. It helps one to forget stress as their cuteness; innocence and unconditional love are invaluable medicines.

 Eating can be helpful

Eating is a way of coping with sorrow for some people. This may not apply to all. Some crave sweets when they are sad and have a notably increasing appetite when sad. This is alright while you are in the initial stage of the grief, and should be careful and even consult a doctor if you notice a bad eating habit.

Involve in charity

Helping others and spreading joy is a great way of finding happiness. Seeing others being happy is how many people find their happiness. Especially, when you are sad, reach out to people and animals that need help and help them. This will bring you great happiness and a feeling of bliss.

Meditate and clear the mind

It is important to understand the problem if you are to find a solution to the sadness. This is hard to do when the mind is still sad. For that, one must first relax and calm the mind. The bottom of the pond cannot be seen if the water is muddy and shaken. For this, first, the water must be calm and still.

Meditation and yoga are the best way to do this.

Focus on spiritual cleansing

Focus on your spirituality when you are sad. This will help overcome sadness. Mental and physical detoxing is important. Set up a small place in the house to spend some quality time meditating and practising yoga. Lighting up scented candles, indoor plants, and incense sticks are natural ways to uplift the mood.

While meditating, deep dive into the mind and try to identify the problem, try to identify the root cause of all sadness.

Reach out to professional help if needed

If you feel that the situation is out of control and that you cannot solve things by yourself, it is important to reach out for professional help.