By Yousuf Rizan

Far from earth, there is another galaxy where it is completely owned by Aliens called Ghoks. The Aliens had characteristics that were opposite compared to humans. 

The Aliens grow smaller when they become older. They come in different colours. The Aliens wanted to escape their galaxy called the ‘The Slimy Way’. 

Other Aliens from different galaxies called Snipers are trying to capture the galaxy and they are the only ones who are succeeding.

 “The Snipers are going to capture the Slimy way, we must move to another galaxy to save ourselves.” The news reporter reported. “The president has an idea to save us all!”

Just then, in the news came the president to talk for the news, he said “Now, this planet is in danger, we must move to another galaxy called the Milky Way. Come to the parliament at 10:30 a.m. in the morning.”

All the Ghoks in The Slimy Way got to the parliament where they will be going to the Milky Way galaxy. They got into the huge U.F.Os and set off on their journey to the Milky Way. 

After they arrived at the Milky Way, the Ghoks found a planet with nothing on it. The President of Ghoks explored the place and found a board which has been labelled as ‘PLUTO.’

The president went to the U.F.O and said to all the Ghoks to get out of the U.F.O and make themselves at home. Meanwhile, Pluto was being watched with hidden cameras on Earth. The Ghoks didn’t know that and they settled on the planet, Pluto. The people on Earth watched them and they sent many astronauts to get video footage of the U.F.Os and the aliens. 

The Ghoks developed the planet and made it a mini slimy way with all the facilities. The Ghoks slowly understood that there were another kind of aliens that are slowly capturing the planet; Pluto. They didn’t know that they were humans.

 So, after two years the first astronaut was going to explore the Ghoks. But they didn’t know that the Ghoks were on alert for any foreign creatures or aliens.

So, when the astronaut landed on Pluto, The Ghoks attacked him. The astronaut died in space where no one saw him. The space companies sent many astronauts to explore them but some only returned with no pictures or videos of them. 

So, after that, the space companies stopped sending astronauts to far places like Pluto because it is dangerous. So, the Ghoks were still on alert but the humans never came back to Pluto, and Pluto was banished from the Milky Way. 

So, the Ghoks made up their solar system, and they lived happily ever after.