Restructuring health sector vital – Kumudesh


President of the Association of Health Professionals (AHP) Ravi Kumudesh said, the system of operations within the health services has to be restructured urgently to suit the needs of patients.

He said, an emergency situation should be declared within the health service and that the decision-making process has to be strengthened to suit the needs of the day.

Kumudesh says that having declared an emergency situation, the support of all stakeholders should be enlisted to prevent the total collapse of the health sector.

He said there is a severe shortage of personnel in the medical field besides the acute shortage of crucial pharmaceutical items and drugs for patients and observed that both aspects have to be addressed  sans further delay.

According to kumudesh, the present shortage of vital medicinal items and drugs has been estimated at 40 per cent and he warned that if the situation does not improve significantly within the next month or so the shortage could double or be even more.

Kumudesh added that maintenance work on CT scanning machine, MRI scanning machines and Linear Accelerators need to be carried out urgently to treat patients expeditiously if not, will result in patients’ lives being at risk.

He further said drugs such as Streptokinase, Anti Rabies Serum and Tenecteplase are also in severe short supply and urged the Health Ministry to look into these aspects without further delay.