ICTA organises first ‘Spiralation Demo Day’


BY Eunice Ruth

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) organised the first ‘Spiralation Demo Day’ for 2022, with the goal of generating USD 3 billion in foreign exchange revenue through the knowledge services and technology sectors by the end of 2024.

Director of Start-up Ecosystem Development of ICTA, Sachindra Samararatne said, “The start-ups that we see today are the country’s future, and the founders behind the ventures will be the business leaders of tomorrow”. He said ICTA is proud to provide this platform for these start-ups to take their businesses to the next level and added, this promotes socioeconomic development in Sri Lanka and contributes to the country’s goal of becoming a technology-driven Start-up Nation by 2030. The main objective of the event is to encourage local start-ups to bring forward their innovations to a global arena. Furthermore, the ‘Spiralation Demo Day’ brought together potential clients and investors representing corporate and allowed start-ups to pitch their products. Furthermore, it was followed by business matchmaking sessions.

‘Spiralation-Tech Start-up Support and Seed Grant’ initiative is now accepting applications for the year 2022. Tech start-ups less than three years in existence are eligible to get up to Rs. 1.5 million as a grant along with training and workshops. It is a unique opportunity for start-ups to take their business to the next level and even expand to a global scale. The application submission deadline closes on 27 April and people who are interested can submit their applications by visiting https://bit.ly/Spiralation_2022, and further information can be accessed via https://bit.ly/ictaspiralation22. 

“It is a significant moment for the start-up ecosystem, especially when it is experiencing tremendous growth. It is encouraging to see our start-up founders; enormous talent and ideas. ‘Spiralation’ is one important platform that encourages start-ups to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and idea generation. We are here to help and facilitate and help these start-ups,” said  former Chairman of ICTA, Oshada Senanayake.

Some of the innovations pitched at the forum were, drone-based agriculture services for agribusinesses to improve crop productivity, in field of Mobile apps, AI, E-Commerce, Blockchain, Games, and 3D Solutions, Electronic payments providing a viable alternative to cash, POS and MPOS systems and Enterprise-grade loyalty platform, and AI chatbots and SMS campaign management. 

Furthermore, Immersive Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality for better customer experience, Educational tools for curious young explorers to learn and engage with STEM and integrated IoT Intelligence, collected sensor data, and AIoT technologies were showcased at the forum.