Defence Secy assures probe underway


BY Faadhila Thassim 

Refuting allegations that investigations into the 2019 Easter Sunday Attacks have not been conducted properly after the incumbent Government came to power, Defence Secretary, General Kamal Gunaratne said over 170 suspects were arrested from the time the Government came to power until today.

He said, 45 of such suspects were remanded while 13 were being questioned on detention orders and that indictments have been filed against six individuals. He added, a total of 30 accused have also been granted bail by Courts.

“The incumbent Government gained its fame a long time prior to the Easter Sunday Attacks,” he said adding that the political party, currently in power gained its fame in 2018 during the Local Government Elections and as there was disgust amongst the public with the then Government.

He further questioned as to why Islamic terrorists would carry out a suicide attack to bring a Buddhist leader to power adding that there is sufficient evidence to prove the ultimate purpose behind the attacks. 

He said, a total of 735 suspects have been arrested in relation to the attacks to date while 196 have been remanded stating that legal action has been initiated against 81 suspects. He noted that action could not be initiated without a thorough investigation due to which there has been delays.

He further noted that another 29 suspects are being held under detention order by the Police and the CID while 493 of the arrested have been released on bail so far.