Colombo YMBA urges all parties to work together


Colombo Young Men’s Buddhist Association made an appeal to all leaders of political parties last week, briging to their attention that people are experiencing a multitude of problems in the face of the current economic crisis in our country.

Following is their full statement: Meeting even the most basic of needs has become a serious struggle with the disruption of essential supplies and services such as fuel, gas, electricity, transportation, education and health care and this has taken a heavy toll on the lives of the people as well as business in our country. This situation and the continuously rising levels of inflation are creating a deep sense of frustration and depression and are pushing our people into an extremely helpless position. 

The result of the above are manifesting in a wave of protests by the people. While certain associations, moments and individuals are encouraging our people to launch these protests. It should also be understood that the people, unlike in the past, are voluntarily coming forward and participating in these protests in defiance of the assurance, or lack thereof, given by the government. The people expect the Government and Parliament, to responsibly articulate the measures that could be implemented to bring about immediate solutions. However, there are no such measures and strategies being proposed or a clear, transparent and credible mechanism to formulate such strategies being institutionalised by the government and the political parties that are represented in Parliament.

We believe that your attention, as the leader of a credible political party, should be given towards establishing a consultative mechanism with all parties in Parliament that can effectively formulate meaningful, pragmatic and acceptable strategies and solutions to bring our country out of this crisis. However, we do not see such a process occurring in Parliament, which is a serious shortcoming, and this has resulted in further deepening public frustration while aggravating the situation. Without a doubt, in finding solutions from this failure, Parliament would result in our country being reduced to a state of anarchy. 

Therefore, the Colombo Young Men’s Buddhist Association respectfully and earnestly requests you to initiate a process of transparent consultation, with all parties represented in Parliament, to collectively formulate the short, medium and long-term strategies to overcome our present social and economic problems. We respectfully look forward to your prompt and serious attention in this regard on behalf of all Sri Lankans.