Country in extremely volatile situation – PM


Visibly worn-out Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in a special statement made last evening admitted that even though the Government was able to save the lives of the people from the pandemic, the country is being plunged into a deep abyss.

Rajapaksa also said though all the parties represented in Parliament were urged to come forward to help resolve the current economic crisis and rebuild the country united, none did so.

“Although no one accepted the responsibility we, as the party in power accept that ultimate responsibility. And will provide solutions to these problems,” he said.

He stated that the people have had to face various problems due to a shortage of US dollars to unload fuel from oil tankers that have already reached the country’s waters.

“We understand the exhaustion of the people who have had to spend days suffering in fuel lines. We can understand the pain of the women who had to suffer in queues to buy gas.”

He said the Government also has a good understanding of the troubles faced by the people owing to the skyrocketing prices of goods and rising cost of living.

The PM said they ended the three-decade long war in the country, not with the intention of allowing the people to go through such a predicament and face this pain.

“We built highways and new roads, not to keep the people in queues on those roads.” Rajapaksa further said that the responsibility of a government that received a democratic mandate from the people is to make decisions that do not jeopardize the democratic framework.

“We will always work with that purpose in mind.”

“This government has always tried to protect the independence of the country when seeking help from abroad even under very difficult circumstances. As such, we withdrew the opportunity to bring large investments to Sri Lanka out of respect for public opinion.

“This government restricted borrowing from abroad to work with the people and make Sri Lanka a debt free country,” he further stated.