ICTA Chairman tenders resignation


Oshada Senanayake has tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).

Taking to Twitter, Senanayake stated that he tendered his resignation formally last week, owing to certain circumstances that contradicted with his own ethos and principles.

Senanayake was appointed as the Chairman of ICTA on 04 August 2021, following former Chairman Lalith Gamage’s resignation.

At the time, Senanayake also served as the Director General of Telecommunictaions Regulatory of Sri Lanka (TRCSL). However he later tendered his resignation on 31 December 2021, which is due to come into effect at the end of this month.

“Dear all after almost 2.5 years of contributing for the digital journey of the country by taking a break from my private sector career which I firmly believe was the best way for the country’s economic revival, I have tendered my resignation formally last week from ICTA as well following my stepping down of TRC last Dec which could come in to effect from end of the month. Thank you for all the support for my work during stint which hopefully will go a step towards enabling the next generation. I’m sorry I could not do more but circumstances are such and as I always said I would vehemently stand by my principles and ethos I believe in”, Senanayke tweeted.

His resignation comes amidst a major social media ban in Sri Lanka, where access to several social media platforms have been restricted on the order of the Ministry of Defence.