DGI explains state of emergency & curfew


The state of emergency and the curfew were imposed for the sole purpose of safeguarding the peace, public lives and both public and private properties, the Department of Government Information (DGI) stated.

Issuing a statement, the DGI stated that while the Government respects and protects the freedom of speech and expression and the right to protest peacefully, they are also committed towards protecting public order and properties.

“The government has pledged to uphold and promote democratic rights, including freedom of speech and expression, and the right to peaceful assembly and protest. This has been proven in practice over the past two years”, the statement read.

While denying claims that the President has not used batons, water canons or tear gas on any peaceful protests since taking office, the statement asserted that state of emergency and curfew were imposed in accordance with accepted legal provisions with the aforementioned aims.