Activist Anurudda Bandara granted bail


Activist Thisara Anurudda Bandara was granted bail by the Hulftsdorp Magistrate’s Court last night.

Bandara’s case, initially scheduled to be taken up at around 05:00 pm last evening (02), was ultimately taken up at around 01:00 am, for which nearly 50 lawyers appeared on Bandara’s behalf.

Bandara was arrested and charged under the Penal Code, specifically under those provisions that prohibit the expression of feelings of disaffection towards the State, yesterday (02), for managing a Facebook page titled “Go Home Gota”.

He was initially reported missing by the Sri Lanka Young Journalist’s Association, after a group of people/officials who identified themselves as police officers went to Bandara’s residence and arrested him. 

 Subsequently, however, the Modara Police informed the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) that Bandara was, in fact, in their custody, despite the Modara OIC initially denying claims of such an arrest being made.