The Four Piggies


By Jalana Ukwatta

Once upon a time, there were four little pigs and their mother. They lived near a river, on a beautiful meadow. And they would chat with each other in the meadow. At this time, piggy mom said to her children, “You have to build your own houses,” The piggy children accepted their mother’s suggestion. And they started their work.

One piggy built his house by using coconut leaves. And the other one built his house from tree branches. Other piggy built his house from bricks. And the little piggy built his one from rocks. All four pigs made their house beautifully and nicely.

After three days, a fox came walking on the meadow, to drink some water. And he saw the four pigs and their mom who were playing in the meadow.

Then the cunning fox planed to eat the pigs. The fox saw that the pig family went into their houses. And the cunning fox went to the first piggy’s house and knocked at the door. And he said, “Little pig, little pig please help me,” And after the first pig came near the door, the fox blew off the house. And the fox tried to eat the pig. But the first pig ran to second piggy’s house. But the fox broke that house too.

Then they ran to the third piggy’s house. The fox couldn’t break that house, because it was made from bricks. And the three pigs hid inside the third piggy’s house. And they were safe from the fox.

Little piggy’s and his mom’s house was locked. And they had gone to collect some sticks from the forest. And that all the pigs are hidden. But the fox was sad about his naughty plan. And he went back to the forest.

And the first piggy and second piggy made their houses again. And from that day onwards, the four pigs and their mom lived a lovely life.