Enemies Forever


By Sithulini Wijeratne

For the first time ever, I saw the lush meadows and felt a warm breeze while it was still winter back in UK, my motherland. My best friend, Ruddian was a South African boy. He and I met the most unforgettable day of our entire little lives, last week. Now, you’ll get to hear all about this wonderful origin between the worst of enemies!

It all started while we were playing in the green plains. “Hey Danny, ya will never reach the peak of that mountain” Ruddian teased me in an African accent. “B…but our mother said that there is a magical snake that was never caught hiding, and…well…” 

I muttered. 

“Are you scared?” Ruddian said. His words made me puff in anger, so I accepted the bet “OHO! IT’S ON! We ran up the mountain and reached the top and wiped our sweat off. 

Suddenly, we heard the rustle of dried leaves and then, a golden and brown snake similar to a cobra appeared! ‘Whooo arrrre youuu anddd whattt arrre yooou doinnng in myyyy ssssssnake mountainn?” the cobra like snake spoke with its mighty sharp jaws, sparkling like stars!

“I.. I’m Ruddi” Ruddian shivered out his words for he knew it was the snake I spoke about which he thought was a Myth. “A Ruddy ai? Well, I AM a magical creature that CAN shape-shift whenever I want. So…I believe you” the snake said stopping its hissing and mistaking Ruddian’s name for a mongoose (Ruddian for a Ruddy)!

 “Well, my weakness is hot water” she hoped to see our weakness to be more powerful. “Money is OUR weakness” we spoke lies, slightly chuckling. The snake smiled evilly and bowed. Then she slipped away as we too were mistaken, as somewhat the fiercest animals in South-Africa! 

Soon, we rushed home and narrated our story which startled my mother off her seat. The very next day, the snake came in search of us near our house, which we were expecting because of her evil smile. “DIEEE! Ha ha… I’ll be the most powerful animal in Africa!” it cried out and threw magical money for she had the greed to be fiercer and thought it was our weakness! Suddenly, our parents threw cold water at it while it was distracted from our good acting for gold. 

Soon, the snake was caught and arrested by the police who thanked us in a jiffy. “NOOO! I WILL DESTROY YOU HUMANS!’ she screamed. “But you two are in trouble next time you do mischief, David and Ruddian!” our parents hugged us but warned us too. Finally, we enjoyed our lives with the money. 

But the snake families showed hate for mongooses, and this was the origin of hatred between snakes and mongooses.