STF trailing major league drug racket


By Keerthi Mendis

The STF has uncovered details pertaining to a big time drug smuggling racket where narcotics are smuggled into the country aboard trawlers. 

Instead of being unloaded in the southern seas, the drugs are brought ashore to Mannar beach where they are unloaded and sent to Colombo in luxury motor cars. 

According to the STF, the smugglers are avoiding the Southern coast due to regular search operations by the STF, Police Narcotic Bureau and the Sri Lankan Navy, and are instead unloading drugs in the North and into luxury vehicles in order to transport them to Colombo. 

These details had been revealed following the recent interrogation of two suspects arrested by officers attached to the Grandpass Police Division serving at the STF Camp at Gonahena.

With the arrest of the two suspects, the STF officers also seized 4 kg and 900 g of methamphetamine (Ice) valued at Rs 50 million. The suspects had revealed details related to the latest tactics used by drug traffickers.