Police curfew lifted


The Police curfew imposed last night in several areas of Colombo and its outskirts was lifted at 05:00 am this morning (01).

Curfew was imposed in Colombo North, Colombo South, Colombo Central, Kelaniya and the Mount Lavinia and Nugegoda Police Divisions last night owing to the tense situation in Mirihana.

Tese situations were reported last evening when over 5,000 citizens had protested in front of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence down Pengiriwatte Road, Mirihana, against the current economic crisis.

Protesters refused to back down despite Police having fired tear gas and water cannons and several rounds of rubber bullets in attempts to disperse those gathered at the protest.

Several police officers have also been injured following clashes with the public, while two civilians were injured after being shot by the rubber bullets.