Namal ‘saddened’ by long queues


BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi

We are saddened that the people of this country have to wait in long lines today due to the shortage of fuel, and we whole heartedly apologise for that, Minister Namal Rajapaksa stated yesterday (31 March).

“We have made a plan to provide relief to the people systematically and to improve their lives by eliminating these queues,” the Minister said, adding that Government is using its international relations and is in consultation with friendly countries to take necessary decisions.

 “We will take the necessary steps to bring this situation back to normalcy as soon as possible. Some groups are trying to gain political advantage from the current situation. This is not the time to spread rumours to gain political advantage. At a time when the people of the country are inconvenienced without electricity for 10 hours, we should not spread rumours. We have to go for the alternative methods required for that,“ he added.

He further stated that it should be of concern as to how those who work from home, especially in the IT field, are affected when power outages occur. 

 “We need to look at these issues with sensitivity,” he said. 

Rajapaksa requested the public to be calm during these crucial and hard times. Anger does not solve these problems, he added.