Fuel supplies back to normal after 5 April – Amunugama


BY Faadhila Thassim 

Minister of Transport Dilum Amunugama said the fuel shortage would persist till 5 April due to the inability of releasing a shipment of 37,000 MT of fuel.

While calling on the public to put up with the situation where shortage of fuel supplies compounded with long queues would continue, Amunugama on Wednesday (30) assured that there would be an uninterrupted fuel supply after 5 April.

Speaking at a media briefing, he said fuel shipments via the Indian credit line are scheduled to arrive from 4 April and hence fuel supplies would return to normalcy after 5 April.

‘’Despite an uninterrupted fuel supply to essential transport service sectors, these sectors have been adversely affected,’’ he said, adding that prompt measures would be taken to remedy the situation.