Donate essentials to Upcountry, N and E


By Eunice Ruth

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to donate essential commodities to Upcountry people and Tamil people in the North and East. He said Sri Lanka is facing a severe economic crisis and the Government is citing the pandemic as the reason. However, the irresponsible behaviour of the Government is the root cause, he said. “The Upcountry people are severely affected and are committing suicide due to extreme poverty. Plantation workers are unable to bear the cost of living. At present, they only get a daily wage of Rs 600 to 650, which is not even enough to buy 1 kg of rice, dhal, and sugar with the present price hikes,” he added.

“We have submitted several proposals to overcome the economic crisis, including reopening Jaffna International Airport. However, the Government refuses to accept our proposals. They are not ready to solve the economic crisis,” Sritharan said.

Sritharan further pointed out that Sri Lanka needs to pay debts amounting to over US$ 51 million, along with interest. “If the Government behaves irresponsibly, they will not be able to repay them even after 40 years,” he stressed.