Canteen Owners Threaten to Sue CEB


By Nabiya Vaffoor 

The All Island Canteen Owners’ Association (AICOA) is planning to sue the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), if their attempts to obtain compensation from the latter fail. They are seeking compensation over the damage caused to their businesses, due to hours-long daily power cuts.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, AICOA Chairman Asela Sampath said 50 per cent of the canteens and restaurants Islandwide have been forced to shut down due to lengthy power cuts. 

“We are planning to request compensation from the CEB to avoid the damages to businesses. Owing to the lack of proper planning by the CEB thousands of small business owners have to face too many problems. When they decide to go for 10-15 hour power cuts at various times of the day, we cannot use our electrical appliances, especially refrigerators. We will have to gas them up more often to keep using them which costs us more than it used to,” he added.

If our attempts to hold discussions with them fail, we would not hesitate to sue the CEB demanding compensation, Sampath asserted. 

Sampath added that owing to sudden power cuts they cannot even store frozen food and extra food items.