BOI companies battered by fuel scarcity – FTZMA


By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

The Executive Committee of the Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association (FTZMA) said BOI enterprises are subjected to undue hardship due to fuel scarcities, electricity outages, load shedding, logistics issues, and scarcity of commodities, on top of grappling with the pandemic.

At their monthly meeting held last week, they extensively discussed matters related to the predicaments of their enterprises and the employees, resulting from the prevailing unprecedented economic crisis. 

“With a lot of clamours, we could at least save the zones from being affected by the power outages among many other efforts for the time being to say the least,” FTZMA said. 

“Our employees are facing extreme economic hardships due to the rising inflation, scarcity, plus high price of goods and consumables such as gas and kerosene oil. All these are contributing to the raging cost of living, which makes our employees lives quite difficult.”

“Considering these circumstances, we as a responsible employer body have a social responsibility to proactively advise our members of the same and we also advise our members to consider the situation from a humanitarian point of view and a measure of employee well-being to take tangible measures monetarily or otherwise to provide your employees with some relief, helping them to live through these difficult times,” FTZMA said.