Bhanuka seeks meeting with Kohli


Skills ‘come first’ for Bhanuka Rajapaksa, but the Sri Lankan batter has realised that survival in modern-day cricket is not possible without attaining required fitness standards.

Dropped from the national team over fitness issues, Rajapaksa now wants to have a conversation with a supremely-fit Virat Kohli, whom he calls India’s ‘Cristiano Ronaldo of cricket’. Being part of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the 30-year-old Lankan can have that opportunity to meet the former India skipper and hopefully turn the tide having endured a dramatic start to year 2022.

The 30-year-old announced his international retirement this January and withdrew it a week later on the insistence of authorities. However, he still missed the plane to India due to the same fitness issues, last month. Rajapaksa is sure that the two-month long stint with Punjab Kings would benefit his game immensely and take his fitness to the next level.

“IPL is the best league in the world and with every teammate of yours you get to learn a lot about the game, so I am loving picking the brains of Shikhar Dhawan. “Outside of the team Virat Kohli is always someone I could speak to and get some advice on fitness. He’s at another different level when it comes to fitness,” Rajapaksa told PTI in an interview.

“To me, he is the Cristiano Ronaldo of cricket for sure. The work he puts in you can obviously see the results. You can compare him to anyone when it comes to fitness or even skills wise. 

(The Indian Express)