People lined up at fuel shed moved


BY Tharaka Samman, P. Jayantha (Haputale) and K. Pallegama (Bandarawela)

A group of people had been dispersed from queues at a fuel station yesterday (30), as Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa was scheduled to attend an event in Bandarawela.

School van drivers had lined up at a particular petrol filling station in Bandarawela as they had been given special permission by the Divisional Secretariat to get their fuel quota.

Some of the drivers however, claimed that they were moved to another station on Welimada Road after being told by certain individuals that the area had to be cleared due to Minister Rajapaksa’s arrival in the area.

Our correspondent reported that lorry drivers and school van drivers had engaged in a protest over the scarcity of fuel being available at fuel stations in the area.

He added that Minister Rajapaksa who had been scheduled to attend an event in Bandarawela had reportedly not turned up. The Minister was to open a sports grounds, but instead Bandarawela Mayor, Janaka Ratnayake, had done the honours.