New leader, chairman for CWC


By Eunice Ruth 

Former Uva Provincial Council Minister Senthil Thondaman was appointed leader of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) yesterday (30). While Nuwara Eliya Development Committee Chairman, MP M. Rameshwaran was appointed CWC Chairman.

CWC General Secretary of State Minister Jeevan Thondaman said following the demise of former Leader Arumugam Thondaman in 2020, the post of leader and several other positions fell vacant. CWC’s National Council appointed the party leader and chairman unanimously on Wednesday. 

Vice president, deputy president, national organiser, and several other vacant positions were filled via internal vote with the participation of over 100 CWC national council members.

 Jeevan said all Party decisions would be taken after a discussion with the entirety of the CWC including its senior members.

 After the appointment, Senthil said decisions have been taken on how to uplift the lives of plantation workers by prioritising their needs. A discussion was held regarding measures which can be taken to overcome the current economic crisis as well, he added. 

Meanwhile, Rameshwaran said many new members have joined the CWC recently and 14 vice presidents have been elected. 

Among them, 10 were selected by ballot while the remaining four were selected by the national council. In addition, two deputy presidents were also selected, he said.