Letter to Editor: Going Solar


Power and energy moves the Nation and economy forward, by keeping the industries and factories running. Adequate power is a must to keep a Nation in the path of progress. The lack of it can set back development and take a country to a very backward state. Civil unrest may ensure and send the Nation into turmoil.

It is not too late, if we solve this issue fast, without gap stop or half measures. The first order of business is to increase domestic power generation.

The Government must make an aggressive push through the power companies, banks and insulations companies to get each home and building to have a solar roof. 

The cost of installation may be charged in the electricity bill. Net accounting needs to be in place to ensure that electricity generated will pay for the monthly instalments in at least 80 per cent of the installations.

Also the Government should monitor progress closely through KPIs and try to achieve about 80 per cent of all electricity subscribers to contribute to the grid within a year.

In addition, these installations should include fast charging ports for plugin vehicles. When vehicle imports are allowed again heavy emphasis should be given to plugin vehicles with a certain minimum all electric range.

The process should be very easy and hassle-free without forms. A slip to initiate the process can be sent with the electricity bill which one signs and returns. No other process or read tape should be needed.

In case, the residence is not in one’s name and the owner is not accessible, laws should be put in place that anybody residing at the building can initiate the process of setting up a solar roof through the CEB or LECO without hassle.

This will require a sizable funding, which the Government can negotiate through donor agencies.

This is for the attention of all those in power. Please remedy the power situation before it is too late. No more gap stop or half measures. Please give a lasting solution to this situation before it is too late and the country falls into economic ruin and anarchy.

Suminda Sirinath Salpitikorala Dharmasena