Vehicle number plates to be made locally


BY Kanchana Kolagolla

Sri Lanka is planning to manufacture vehicle number plates for the first time, which could save approximately Rs 1.4 billion annually. 

The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing said, the State-owned factory in Kolonnawa has decided to manufacture vehicle number plates for the first time in the country to save foreign exchange The contract to import vehicle number plate parts, which is currently in operation through a local private company, is due to expire in 2024. Therefore, Sri Lanka will commence production of number plate parts, locally from that year.

Several rounds of discussions have been held with the Commissioner of Motor Traffic in this regard. Accordingly, a final project plan and an engineering report on the manufacturing contract will be submitted to the commissioner within the next six months. According to the Department of Motor Traffic’s data, about 500,000 vehicles are registered in the country annually. Accordingly, at least one million orders for vehicle number plates are placed in foreign countries.