Ex-pack celebrates Silver Jubilee


Ex-pack Corrugated Cartons PLC, a name synonymous with the corrugated cartons manufacturing industry in the country providing end-to-end packaging solutions to renowned organisations and brands both local and international, celebrates 25 years of progressive excellence and innovation amidst the many challenges faced throughout the years. And it is only growing more stronger and resilient.

To celebrate this, Ex-pack held an event at its state-of-the-art factory premises with the participation of all employees, who also received value-packs of essential items to share with their loved ones back at home. Sattar Kassim, Chairman of Ex-pack extended his deepest appreciation and recognition to all the stakeholders who worked towards making Ex-pack emerge as one of the most preferred corrugated cartons suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Having begun its journey during March 1997, Ex-pack gradually expanded its operation and went onto achieving record-breaking tonnage consecutively, and has become a formidable force in the Corrugated Carton Industry. Ex-pack caters to the domestic and international market in the Asian, African and middle Eastern regions. It was also nominated as the best corrugated factory in Sri Lanka by PUM Netherlands.