Despite rising challenges, Pelwatte Dairy assures its loyal customers that quality will not be compromised


Pelwatte Dairy, the nation’s front runner dairy producer that sources 100 per cent of its milk from local dairy farmers to produce many milk based products such as Full Cream Milk Powder, Pelwatte Non Fat Milk Powder, Pelwatte Butter, Pelwatte Yoghurt and Pelwatte Ghee Oil has announced its latest price revision to keep up with rising costs of production and to continue delivering the best dairy based products for its loyal customers. 

Pelwatte’s main priority no matter what happens is to make sure that its stakeholders are satisfied with the platform that it is providing as a local dairy producer. From ensuring that it provides its customers with the freshest of diary based products to the many people depending on Pelwatte for their livelihoods. Pelwatte Dairy Industries Managing Director Akmal Wickramanayake, stated; “Due to the prevailing situation in the country, it is of utmost importance that we keep up the pace to ensure continuous supply of Pelwatte Dairy.” 

He added, “Pelwatte looks to do this by continuing to not depend on foreign imports and to not add on the ongoing currency crisis. As a truly Sri Lankan brand, we are all in this together and have to support each other.” He said this while assuring that Pelwatte will continue to have uninterrupted supply of its Dairy products. However, it is not just about uninterrupted supply but it is also about delivering Fresh dairy based products from Farm to Shelf in 48 hours that truly distinguishes Pelwatte from other locally based dairy producers and even international dairy producers. 

Despite being locally sourced it is quite clear that supply and production costs have increased due to surging rates on other factors. Due to the recent fuel hike, transportation costs alone have risen by 30 per cent. Packaging costs have also risen due to the increase in price of material and the availability of it. 

Another significant cost that has contributed towards the revision is the cattle feed, which is an important factor in ensuring Pelwatte’s Pledge towards quality, has proven to be difficult to acquire due to importation restrictions on fertiliser that enables it to grow.

Pelwatte is a brand that not only caters to its customers but also to the 12,500+ farming community that helps make Pelwatte what it is. As the farming community is no longer making sufficient revenue from the Agribusiness crops due to the fertiliser crisis they depend heavily on their dairy processing platforms such as Pelwatte to make ends meet. The fertiliser crisis doesn’t just affect the agribusiness sector but also the livestock sector as cattle feed is extremely difficult to produce, hence essential feed items such as maze, rice polish and soya bean have proven to be difficult to acquire for farmers to ensure that their cattle are fed and kept healthy. 

The issue is, as foreign imports of milk are restricted, there is pressure exerted on the domestic industry to produce the nation’s fresh milk requirement which currently only produces 35 per cent of the requirement. Furthermore, due to the current situation of the economy, the cost of living has also contributed to the farm gate prices and as such, Pelwatte will continue to give 75 per cent to 80 per cent of the revenue that is generated through sales of Pelwatte Dairy Products back to the farming community. Hence due to the above factors, Pelwatte is compelled to revise its price, but will keep revisions minimal keeping in mind the current plight of Sri Lankan Consumers.  

However, through all these challenges Pelwatte assures its customers that there will be no decline in quality or the service that it provides. Not just in terms of delivering freshest of milk itself but also in terms of supporting local dairy communities where it has multiple programmes to help uplift their livelihoods such as the SAPP initiative in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.