Cabinet Decisions


Cooperation agreement with Ehime State of Japan 

Cabinet approved entering into a cooperation agreement between the State Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Market Diversification and the Ehime State of Japan to receive employment and training opportunities for Sri Lankans with special skills.

Approval was granted to provide employment opportunities to apprentices in agricultural, food processing and other sectors especially the citrus cultivation sector popular in that area. 

UNESCO Agreements for research for female scientists 

Cabinet approved entering into MoUs between scientists to obtain UNESCO grants and permitting women  scientists to enter into grant agreements with UNESCO.

Research projects of five Sri Lankan women scientists have been selected for grants  considering them as appropriate research projects for the ‘Fundamental Professional Cooperation Programme’ implemented by the ‘Organization for Women Scientists in Developing World’ implemented by UNESCO.

Concessions to those affected by Uma Oya Project 

Cabinet approved payment for alternative plots of land to house owners whose homes were destroyed due to tunnel excavations. Homes eligible for full compensation are those recommended for evacuation by the NBRO. Cultivating in original lands under precise conditions was also recommended.

All construction activities of the Uma Oya project are nearing completion while it has been planned to complete awarding compensation in the next six months. 

Collaboration policy for digital governance

The National Policy Framework is to create a Smart Nation. The setting up of citizen-centric digital governance and a digitally empowered economy have been identified as strategies to achieve this  vision. 

Creating a secure communication platform that can increase or decrease capacity to meet current needs for use in State offices. A comprehensive centralised control email and a collaboration platform, especially for State use is envisaged. 

Cabinet approved opening 100,000 Email and Co-operative platforms User Accounts for State Institutions under this programme and open 30,000 User Accounts in the first phase.

Procurement of items for dental care

Cabinet approved procurement according to recommendations of the standing procurement committee.

International competitive bidding has been invited for the procurement of dental consumer items for dental surgery and 9 bids have been submitted accordingly. The Cabinet -appointed standing procurement committee recommended that the procurements be awarded to the lowest bidders who responded positively.