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By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Rootcode Labs is one of the biggest names in the field of IT within Sri Lanka, known for their world-class talent who provide services for clients both locally and overseas. Previously, Ceylon Today shared the inspirational story of Rootcode’s success through the journey of its CEO and Founder, Alagan Mahalingam.

However, that was merely the tip of the iceberg. Alagan’s vision for Rootcode Labs is vast and one that can probably help lead the charge for Sri Lanka asserting its presence in the global tech landscape.

Building world class software

The company began with Alagan building the globally successful mobile application ‘Singify,’ an achievement which was the perfect stepping stone for him to move on to creating Rootcode. Whilst a major portion of Rootocode’s business today is developing software for its clients, Alagan’s drive to create world-class software products for everyone to enjoy hasn’t changed.

“We do a lot of software consulting work, which is true,” Alagan shared. “But apart from that, we build our own products as well.”

“The primary business is building software for customers, but apart from that, we want to see million-dollar products coming out of Sri Lanka. We have a lot of software services companies, but we don’t have a lot of companies that create their own products for the world.”

Million-dollar products

Expert Republic is one such product which has been released through Rootcode Labs.

Created after a flash of inspiration struck during the pandemic, Expert Republic aims to provide a platform for experts in their relevant fields to share their expertise and services with the world through seamless one-on-one video consultations.

Initially dubbed as ‘Serw,’ this idea soon evolved into what it was today through the global hackathon known as The Global Hack – Fighting a Global Crisis 2020.

“It’s one of the biggest competitions in the world, organised by the European Commission with tens of thousands of teams competing with their products. We were to build the programme in 48 hours. We did it and we ended up winning,” he shared with a grin. “It was a crazy experience.” 

Expert Republic has soared high since it was launched after succeeding in the competition, with a number of international organisations making use of its services through a new addition, an enterprise service for educational institutes to make use of Expert Republic’s service.

Another such product is project Aphelia; an AI based resume processing service that accurately parses through CV’s submitted to organisations and registers them according to people most suited for each applied position, storing in their memory for quick and easy access, removing the need to peruse each CV individually, costing valuable time and resources, especially for large organisations which receive hundreds of resumes every month.

Converse AI is another award-winning product by Rootcode; a conversational assistant built to reduce the burden in customer support and responding to customer feedback.


Although Alagan has achieved much with Rootcode’s many products already, these are but one element in the master plan. Staying true to the six sides on Rootcode’s logo, Alagan has already mapped out his master plan, where Rootcode will branch out to six divisions, all with unique initiatives and purpose.

From Rootcode Labs, Hexagon will expand the company’s horizons to AI, design, enterprise solutions, investment and incubation, and many other segments in order to make a positive impact in the country, including educating and equipping Sri Lankan youth with the skills needed to enter the IT industry of the country, which is always in need of new minds that are capable given how supply of such individuals still cannot meet the existing demand.

Alagan knows firsthand of how tech has the power to literally change people’s lives, and wants to be a driving force to help change others’ lives for the better.

“I was fortunate enough to study because one of my elder brothers managed to get a loan for me, otherwise I would be a physics teacher who knows where,” he shared. “I think that democratising opportunities for young people will result in a much better, and more fruitful country in the future. When there are opportunities and when those opportunities are democratised, it enables everybody to succeed according to their effort, lifting everyone together as a collective.”

More is yet to come

“There’s a lot of ideas, but not enough time,” Alagan laughed while hinting that there’s a lot more he has planned for Rootcode’s future, including a very special project that will be announced when the time is right.

“We picked one problem, and we are going to dedicate the rest of our existence for solving that problem. And we ensured that the problem we picked is solvable, and that we are capable of solving it.”

For you and I, it means that exciting times are ahead for Rootcode as it leads the charge in taking Sri Lankan talent in IT to the global sphere. A clear signal that even amidst dark times, silver linings shine even stronger.

(Pix by Laksiri Rukman)

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