‘Help Sri Lankans fleeing crisis’


By Eunice Ruth

Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) Leader MP Selvam Adaikalanathan has submitted a request to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to support Sri Lankan refugees who have recently fled to India due to the current economic crisis. 

He said though trespassing national borders was a crime, people were forced to do it, due to the crisis in Sri Lanka.  The economic crisis has severely impacted the country and the public was resorting to unethical practises to overcome the crisis, Adaikalanathan said.  

“There are changes to the economy with each passing minute and prices of essential commodities were increasing. Due to this, people who survive on a daily income were suffering sometimes even without food. This has given rise to a situation where the public resorted to unethical practises.

We thank the Chief Minister for keeping our people in camps in India and request that these people should not be arrested or produced in Court, instead help them by permitting them to stay in camps,” said Adaikalanathan.