Elect a leader who loves the country – Sritharan


By Eunice Ruth

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan said the country needs a good leader who loves the country, and the Sinhalese community needs to be more prudent while electing a leader.

He said, situation the Government is embroiled in; is the result of the consequences of what they had done to the Tamil people in the past. The Tamil people had suffered immensely encountering socio-economic issues for the past 20 years, compared to the majority Sinhalese community. However, even the Sinhalese people too are in dire straits now, he said.

He further pointed out that it was most distressing to learn that four people had died while standing in fuel queues. “Also, while, the Prime Minister had visited Jaffna, the relatives of missing persons who had tried to speak to him had been attacked by the Police thereby denying them an opportunity to express their sorrow and seek redress. 

“We need to elect a leader who would love and lead the country in a humane way, instead of pushing it towards chaotic and crises situations,” said Sritharan.