NCPA orders to halt TV prog using child abuse survivor


The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has ordered the immediate suspension of a programme that was being prepared to be aired on a private TV channel using a child abuse survivor.

Udayakumara Amarasinghe, the Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) said that the TV programme was suspended as it was an offense to engage in media propaganda revealing the identity of a child victim of a crime.

He stated that exposing a child suspected to be involved in such an incident to the media in this manner is a repeated abuse of the child as it is clear that an incident was the basis for selecting the victim child for this programme.

He further stated that reflecting again on that incident, questioning about it and justifying it was a threat to the well-being of children and did not comply with existing child protection laws.

“Since a child who has been the victim of an abuse case is a victim as well as a witness, it should be kept in mind that such exposure to the media is prejudicial to that child,” he said.

He also said that preliminary investigations are being carried out regarding the video that was shared on social media regarding this child. He added that the publication of information in print and electronic media revealing the identities of children such as a child victim, a child witness to a crime, a juvenile accused of a crime, is a prejudice against those parties.

He further added that a request would be made to refrain from acting in such a manner as it would hamper the proceedings of the case.