Kumudesh lambasts Health Ministry over wastage


Both the financial capacity and financial discipline of the Ministry of Health have deteriorated and it is difficult to move forward,President of the College of Medical Laboratory Science, Ravi Kumudesh said.

He alleged that due to the tender procedures being adopted by the Ministry of Health in purchasing equipment and essential health supplies, a huge technical fraud was taking place. He said, no Health Ministry official was making an attempt to prevent the frauds from taking place. 

“Although the health service is facing a serious crisis due to severe economic hardship, existing provisions continue to be wasted,” he said.

Methods adopted by the Ministry of Health in the procurement process and technical evaluation, the term ‘quality’was left to individual opinion, Kumudesh said.

“The Secretary of Health, who was a specialist doctor, is well aware of the corruption that is taking place but so far no action has been taken in this regard,” he said.

There is no maximum price limit on a unit test and the Ministry of Health allows the purchase of equipment that could perform a single function to be purchased at a large price range, he said.

“Disposing of usable equipment and allowing other equipment to be purchased while there was ample equipment that could be used, is a huge waste of money, the Ministry of Health should take immediate action to at least take into account the current economic crisis and reduce such wasteful spending,” Kumudesh further said.

He added, instead of stimulating the commissions of intermediaries to avoid these situations, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of State should jointly implement a formal programme to ensure that a pragmatic quality public service is provided at minimal cost, to report complaints and to intervene expeditiously. 

“We call for the immediate appointment of an independent body to establish a mechanism,” he said.