The Fortunate Boy


Text & Illustration By Yousuf Rizan

There was once a boy named Charlie. He lived all by himself. He had no father or mother. He was a brave boy who was very talkative and very smart. He talked to everyone he met. 

He used to be in a small cottage near a small lake all by himself. He loved to go on adventures and take a bath in the lake. He also had many friends he had met near the lake. 

One day, one of his friends hired a helper for him because he was very lonely at his small cottage. Her name was Sandy. She is very careful with small children. She always cared for children. She did not know anything about Charlie. When Sandy arrived at Charlie’s home, she was very sad to see that he lived in a small cottage. The windows were cracked and the roof was barely standing on the cottage!

She went to the door, and she noticed that there were no bells or door handles! She knocked on the door, she heard someone running to the door.  The next moment Sandy saw a young boy who opened the door. She was even more surprised to see the boy was living alone. She went in and immediately, Charlie introduced himself to Sandy.

Sandy felt better when she saw Charlie was happy to see her. Sandy cleaned his bedroom. It was very colourful. ‘There will be a lot of things that are hidden in this little cottage’, she thought for herself. 

The next day, while Charlie was sleeping, she went to the living room and saw, it was a big mess, Sandy started cleaning up. While she was cleaning, she noticed a big box which looked like a coffer. 

It was dark brown and covered with dust. Sandy went near the box to have a closer look. Then, she grabbed a cloth and a duster from one of the sofas, and then, she cleaned the box. 

After a while, Charlie woke up and came to the living room, just in time to see the cleaned box. Charlie saw the box and screamed with joy. He could not believe his eyes.

“It is the treasure chest from the map!’’, Charlie said to Sandy. Charlie showed the map to Sandy. She was surprised to see that the treasure pointed to the place where the little cottage was located! 

“I found this piece of paper when I was building this house’’. Sandy read the instructions on the map and noticed there was a neatly cut edge on the map. Sandy gently rubbed the paper with her hands and found another piece of paper came out. 

Charlie and Sandy were surprised. Sandy gave the paper to Charlie and said,

“Open this, there will be the most surprising secret of the treasure’’. 

So, Charlie slowly opened the paper and saw an old, rusty key! Charlie was happier than ever. 

He unlocked the treasure chest with the key and the treasure slightly opened. Charlie and Sandy opened the treasure chest and saw millions of gold coins and diamonds and all kinds of valuable things that not even the richest man in the world could afford! 

Charlie was overjoyed. He gave a lot of money to Sandy. Sandy was very happy and she gifted Charlie with a big apartment for him, to live with his friends and to have fun. Charlie was very happy, He invited Sandy to live with him forever. So, after that day, they lived happily ever after.