The Drought in Cockatoo


By Dinodi Rathnayaka 

Hi! My name is Alice Ranger. I live in Cockatoo which is situated in African continent. Cockatoo is a beautiful village filled with green plants. In here I have four friends with me who helped me in all the difficulties. They are Jane, Mary, Peter and Emma. Wait a second! I totally forgot to tell you about how this village became so greeny. So, let me tell you the story. 

In 2019, we had a very miserable life with a drought which was considered as a crisis in Africa. We didn’t have water. We were starving for months as well for years. But we had nothing to do. In my house there were three bottles of water but one morning the last drip of water was also over. After two hours my younger brother Harry felt sick. Although he was taken to the hospital, the doctors said he may die after a week if he didn’t have water. My friends’ siblings were the same. So, we were very sad that we set off to find water. 

The next day we started the journey with the permission of our parents. We walked miles and miles. After a week, we were in the Sahara Desert on the way we found a map. In it was the map of Sahara Desert which was left by a tourist to who had come there before. We found that there was a good and kind wizard living in the village called Kanoo. We went to find the village on the way we were so thirsty we didn’t have water but fortunately Mary had a bottle of water which she had picked from her house before leaving. 

By the next day we were in the village Kanoo. Then we saw an eagle flying carrying a bucket of water. “It is coming near us” Peter said. Emma hid behind me. The eagle came and a narrated a long list of instructions. “Hi children! I am the guard of the wizard. I know you all are going to meet him so you have to follow my orders,” then he continued “take this bucket of water when you are climbing the mountain until you meet a pond. Pour this into the pond and then a gold fish will appear. You have to say where you want to go, then wave the hand three times. You will appear on the cave of the wizard. Standing where you appear, say ‘my lord I came to meet you’. Then the wizard will come to you and give you a black coin. Do whatever he says to do,” said the eagle before he flew away. 

We did all the things the eagle said. After we met the wizard, the wizard gave a coin and told us to make a wish. After we did so, we appeared in front of a lake. As we looked around, we realised that our village was next to the lake. Our village was full of greenery we took a zip of water then remembered our siblings we went to hospital and gave them water. They were cured. So, this how my village because so beautiful. 

(Illustrated by Induwari Wickremasinghe)