Pros and Cons of Using Make-up: What it means to be without!


By Ama H.Vanniarachchy

Make-up has become an essential part of most people’s lives today. With the advances of the fashion and entertainment industries, make-up has improved in its qualities and quantities, probably reaching its golden era. 

However, as make-up is being produced in abundance and at affordable prices, natural organic ingredients have been replaced by chemicals and synthetics. Also, unlike decades ago, make-up is used on a daily basis and is worn for longer hours. Although they aid to enhance the physical appearance of the user, wearing them for longer hours, does not augur well in terms of good health and hygiene, unless the wearer is well aware of its harmful consequences.   

Today, there is a trend to choose make-up that is made using natural organic ingredients or to use very little make-up, or not to use make-up at all, with the prime objective of improving natural looks and overall health to stay beautiful. In reality, make-up has many ill effects as it may directly affect on one’s skin. Wearing make-up regularly ages the skin. It also has a psychological effect in a social sense. Focusing on a fake physical appearance, rather than one’s true and the inner self on being healthy, make-up is a tool that supports or creates an illusion.  As the vast majority of ‘make-up’ products are made out of chemicals, its packaging or containers are plastic and on most occasions not subjected to recycling. Therefore its impact on the natural environment is detrimental. In a worst-case scenario, except for a very few make-up brands, the rest are on a brutal drive on animal testing. 

Thus, wearing no make-up could be the right choice for many who respect an ethical fashion trend; a conscious and sustainable choice of fashion.

Is make-up essential to look beautiful?

We have become so used to make-up that we tend to think that it is essential to look beautiful, desirable and feel confident. The reality is that everyone is beautiful in their own natural way. Faking a skin tone and faking an eye colour is far from natural beauty.  Moreover, a woman’s beauty cannot be clearly defined by her dolled-up looks. 

In short, make-up is not a prerequisite to look or feel beautiful. A physically and mentally sound person could portray a healthy and a beautiful image. Cleanliness or good hygiene plays a vital role to look beautiful. An unhealthy body and a mind that lacks in self-confidence could be concealed by layers of make-up to look elegant and desirable; yet, this does not define the true nature of beauty. 

Wearing make-up regularly can damage your skin

Regular use of make-up, including concealers, foundation, layers of powders, blushes, toners, and shadows, covers skin pores. These pores get clogged causing the growth of bacteria, increases the oiliness of the skin and could lead to uncontrollable growth of pimples, acne, and bad facial skin.

Also, excessive and continuous use of eye shadows and eyeliners can damage the sensitive skin around the eyes. Most of the eye shadows and lipsticks are made out of various synthetic ingredients that cause more harm than good to the quality of your skin. 

How to look beautiful without make-up?

Since many are usually used to feeling confident and beautiful with make-up, it may sound difficult to be without at the beginning. 

Focus on your cleanliness and physical health. Clean skin, hair, and nails make you look great. Use natural oils as much as possible on your skin and hair. 

Also, focus on having a healthy diet and drink sufficient clean or purified water. 

Adopting a no-make-up routine would save valuable time and money. You would not have to spend time removing make-up every morning and at night. The money you spend on make-up could be spent on buying some extra fruits especially organic fruits and vegetables. Healthy skin glows naturally. A healthy diet would ensure brighter eyes.

A daily walk, yoga and meditation also would greatly help in improving your health and beauty. Take time to relax, detox your system and concentrate on having quality sleep. Deep sleep is the essence and key to a rejuvenated new day. 

Always use a moisturiser and sunscreen on your skin. Groom your eyebrows and keep your hair neat and tidy. Remember that hair plays an important role in one’s physical appearance. Also, make sure that your clothes are clean and tidy. Wear matching accessories and clothes, to complement your looks. Use an organic lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.