Lighten Up Sunshine


By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

The sun is out and the days are once again, hot. Really hot!

As the seasons change, so should our outfits. No longer would wearing layered outfits be practical being in a tropical country, unless you’re in the mountainous hillsides of Sri Lanka. 

With that in mind, what would you need to consider when updating your hot ‘summer’ wardrobe? We have a few tips that can help you out in making your choices.

Light over dark

Basic science says that dark colour like to absorb light while lighter colours reflect; with the colour white reflecting all light in the visual spectrum. The darker the colours, the more its capable of holding heat, meaning it holds heat for longer and cools down slower. 

Choosing lighter colours will help you stay cooler under the hot sun, and don’t be afraid to play with a few designs and patterns that reflect a ‘fun in the sun’ vibe. 

Choice of material

Thick or synthetic material might not be the best option given how the heat will cause sweating when you’re outdoors, which can leave you feeling a bit uncomfortable. Instead, consider natural fibres with more open-neck designs. Choose open, flowing outfits that allow the air to circulate and naturally cool the body.

Cotton and Linen are the best options to choose from. However, bamboo fibres are making a lot of headlines for being lightweight, breathable and great at staying cool. 

Reduce accessories

An aesthetic of light-ness and levity seemingly matches extremely well to a warm (or blisteringly hot) day. There is a practical element to this as well. The last thing you want is to be weighed down with trinkets and other sorts of ‘what-nots’ when all you want to do is get back inside and cool off away from the sun.

Embrace the lightness and try to avoid heavily accessorising yourself when picking outfits for the season. Be playful and creative. An accessory or two, tastefully chosen that doesn’t interfere with your daytime fun would be key to success here. 

Go local

Traditional clothes are usually the best suited to the climate where they are found (not the ceremonial outfits of course). And since the New Year’s celebrations are also coming close, why not make a conscious decision to adopt traditional outfits to help beat the heat? 

Not only that, given the present circumstances, why not take this opportunity in order to support local economies by sourcing your outfits from small businesses and work by artisans. Doing so will help local communities and small businesses to stay afloat during tough times. 

Of course, there are plenty of other options and ideas for you to try out during this season of warm weather. Continue experimenting and searching for what works for you and try something new for the upcoming New Year season.

(Pix by Amitha Thennakoon)