Consciously Crafted – Valénzia


By Shafiya Nawzer

Everyone has different tastes in jewellery, and all of them are totally valid! Some people are into gold looks and some are fans of silver — while others might love to mix and match all types. But one thing we can all agree on is that earrings, rings, and necklaces are the key to completing any outfit.

Injecting a simple jeans and tee look with a little oomph isn’t the easiest of tasks. There’s a reason jewels are typically considered the final touch—everything from pendant necklaces and dainty drop earrings can add a bit of dazzle.  Affordable fine jewellery may sound like an oxymoron, but thanks to a recent boom in direct-to-consumer brands, the landscape is changing. Due to the advent of Instagram, it feels as though new brands are popping up every week with an interesting twist to stand out from the pack.

Gemstone jewellery featuring precious and semi-precious gems is the perfect way to incorporate delicate glamour into your ensemble. Elevate your style to the next level with elegant necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. If simple, yet personal jewellery is your vibe, look no further than Valénzia. It is a dream project of the Founder, to bring life to unique pieces of jewellery for the everyday woman. The brand desires to create extraordinary pieces that not only tell a story, but also transforms its wearer to a beautiful storyteller; etched deep into their mission.

Crafted from pure raw materials sourced from our beautiful island, made even more unique with precious and semi-precious stones. Valénzia’s pieces are a reflection of the Ceylonese serenity. The majority of their collection is dainty and timeless, using a variety of metals and stones in delicate silhouettes to achieve an elevated and classic look. Valénzia’s rings and delicate wristlet chains are some of the most sought-after pieces.

More than just a jewellery brand, they have evolved and grown into a lifestyle brand, owing to its versatile and functional pieces that can easily be effortlessly dressed up or paired to create a chic casual look. The demi-fine collections are crafted to suit your desires and dreams, bearing in mind the ever-evolving fashion trends and the never-fading retro styles that are eternally celebrated in the world of fashion.

The Founder has always been fascinated by the natural beauty and the architectural splendour of Valencia, a city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, this led to choosing the name ‘Valénzia’ for the jewellery brand. It is the uniqueness of the city that inspired them to be a unique jewellery manufacturer. The brand came alive with the inspiration from the colours, nature and the architectural aesthetics of the city of Valencia. With our Ceylonese raw materials, their pieces certainly carry a story of their own.

High-quality fine jewellery usually comes with an equally high price tag, but Valénzia aims to make fine jewels more accessible. They offer the same quality, but without the mysterious markup. In terms of the designs, the brand marries simplicity with fun pops of unexpected colour. The brand ethos is a refined, modern take on your classic jewellery. Customers can browse and purchase the collection via their website

Valénzia delivers island-wide and globally and they also plan to expand globally and reach international markets in the future. Founded with the principles of designing minimalist and evergreen pieces meant to last at an affordable price point. A quick glance at its website tells you everything you need to know. Every piece is designed to be mixed and matched, to create even more of a statement and speak to your individuality. Their designs guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking to feel beautiful, this brand is for you.