On another level


By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Imagine yourself after a hard day’s work. It’s the evening and you’re looking for an oasis to relax and unwind for the day. Of course, finding a watering hole can be a chore for itself, but you also have to make your way there as well. Life would be a lot simpler if you had a regular watering hole, easily accessible and with a simple, easy menu that you know will suit your tastes.

Level 4 aims to be just that for those who operate in the heart of Colombo. Located on Canal Row, opposite the World Trade Centre, Level 4 is taking a new approach to its service. Interested to learn more, Ceylon Today was invited to visit the special briefing it held for media and friends.

Stepping inside, we found the interior aesthetic and ambiance to be calm and cosy, perfect for sharing an evening together with friends. The wood flooring and earthy colour tones set the mood perfectly.

While downstairs was air conditioned, the floor above wasn’t. Instead, it offered a beautiful view of the heart of Sri Lanka’s commercial capital; the world trade centre, a great place for a photo opportunity. The management also spoke of a variety of in-house entertainment as well, to help you enjoy your evening.

Speaking with the management, we learnt that not only are weary workers welcome to step inside to unwind, they are also open for holding corporate gatherings and meetups.

Of course, good food and drink is a must for such an occasion, and we found Level 4 competent in delivering as such. It seemed to us the chef has a penchant for nai miris, which was a recurring element in the flavour. Same goes for beverages, with Level 4 serving all your regular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst and pair with your food.

We highly recommend you to try out their in-house nai miris ‘shooter’, a small shot that packs a wallop. For those who prefer to avoid alcohol (such as myself), a mocktail variant is also available. One sip and you feel the capsaicin flow down your throat, but quelled with the carbonated water, leaving a spicy, yet satisfying aftertaste.

Would I recommend Level 4 for your regular watering hole? It all depends if you have a taste for nai miris in your beverages, which was the star of the night. Otherwise, it’s better off a place for those who are in the vicinity and need a quiet, convenient escape in the evenings.

(Pix by Ashan Gamage)