SL improves marginally in World Happiness Index


Sri Lanka has improved marginally in the World Happiness Index to be placed 127th.

The United Nations ranked Sri Lanka 129 out of 149 countries in its World Happiness Report last year.

Finland continues to top the list, followed by Denmark and Switzerland, while Afghanistan is considered to be the unhappiest nation.

India is ranked at a lowly 136, even below Pakistan, which is at 121, on the list.

Nepal occupies the 84th place, Bangladesh is at 94 and Pakistan 121.

There are no Asian countries in the top 20.

“This (index) presents a stark reminder of the material and immaterial damage that war does to its many victims,” co-author Jan-Emmanuel De Neve said.

The World Happiness Report is based on people’s own assessment of their happiness, as well as economic and social data.