Overload of the Underworld


By Sithulini Wijeratne

This tale of the past will surprise you to death and your soul will be heated into the arm of Lord Sizuis! You will see who I am when you hear my tale. 

Lord Sizuis, my owner and the lord of souls, trust me in bringing his divine necklace filled with bad thoughts to his kingdom –the underworld. Every day, he would tie the necklace around my furry neck and I would fly off to the human world with my magic four finger wings. I can’t see in light as my world is black and the light of humans, blush me to death. I often followed the path, dark enough to slightly see my way. Then I would spot an ill-mannered human and collect its bad thoughts in the necklace and bring it to my trusty owner who’d give me a sip of warm, deer blood. One such day, my owner was keeping his arm on top of his head, acting sick of something. I flew near my lord and sat on his shoulder, resting my black body. 

“Your Majesty, why are you sad today? Did I drink all your milk this morning? I’m so sorry if I did!” I asked. 

“No, no, that’s not it my dear bat friend!” Lord Sizuis cried in dismay. “It’s…it’s just that I can’t believe that the humans make such mistakes! Some don’t care for their families, some don’t listen to their elders, some don’t learn their lesson, and some think education and work is useless! This is all wrong my dear friend, this is life. Life of humans is supreme yet these foolish demons, they don’t take some viruses seriously enough. My future vision shows that they won’t change, if someone doesn’t do a supreme act!” he moaned in sadness.

 He seemed utterly bitter of his job. My red eyes gleamed with a plan! I went to seek help, near the queen of my owner. She was lovely, had pink-peach skin and long black hair.

“Jungo, what brings you here my bat?” she asked in a soothing, calm voice. 

“Uhmmm…I want your advice, Lord Menxicana” I muttered. “I need to make my owner happy, he is sick of his job, my lord!” 

“Oh my dear bat! Jungo, you have amazing plans and in your heart, you have your choice.” She chuckled.

I bowed and left and I thought very hard. 

Suddenly, I remembered the necklace of bad thoughts. I flew there and grabbed the thoughts with my magic wings. Then I flapped my wings five times, very hard and I appeared in the human world. There, I saw an old man and a sick woman. I flew there and grabbed the bad thoughts out of their mind. 

“Achooo….” The woman sneezed. 

“UHHH….” The old man moaned.

I used my maximum speed and flew to a place which was called some kind of a thing called a ‘LAB’. I flapped in with my bat spikey teeth shining bright. The lights were switched off, so I was not blinded. I saw a red potion in a barrel which looked very gooey. I removed one of my bat teeth, the sharpest one. It was very painful. Then I mixed my tooth in the necklace of bad thoughts and there, my tooth absorbed the sickness and evilness. I dropped that tooth into the potion and smoke ran out. 

“Time for take-off” I gave an evil smirk. Then I got hold of the barrel, which weighed a child, and carried it to my world with my fullest strength. Then, I went to the oldest tree in the underworld and poured it to its roots. These roots had grown, all across the world but had not reached much near small water bodies. I smiled my most engaging smile. “BEWARE PEOPLE. LEVEL ONE HASS BEGUN!!!” I shouted. My beloved owner appeared near me. 

“Why! What did you pour to our sacred tree?” Lord Sizuis required my answer. “A lesson for humans” I gave my word. 

My lord gave a slight grin. “Good thing my pet, bat! At least a few of them would realise what they’ve done wrong” he said, looking into the future with his divine eyes. 

Do you humans, who have been taught this lesson, know its name. Well, Level 1 is known as: Contagious Out lord Vividly Increasing Disease 19

And Level 2 is known as: Out Load Monstrous Incident Cautious Risk Over going Navigation 

These levels will last for at least five years until human learn their lesson. I tell you this as I want to warn you about the harm. So beware humans, and you better listen to my lord, the lord of divine. 

(Illustrated by Dinodi Ratnayake)