Hello Kazakhstan!


By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Ceylon Today Features

Although we study it separately, the continents of Europe and Asia are connected together, and have been for all of human history. Located in Central Asia, where the borders between the two countries meet, Kazakhstan is the biggest country by far in the central Asian region.

The country has a rich history, with connections from Mongolia, to the Persian Empire. Kazakhstan was also under the control of the USSR at one period in its history.

But that’s not all, Kazakhstan is home to a lot of interesting things to see, even if it has had a bit of a bad track record when it comes to how people from around the world look at the country.

Why wait, let’s jump right in.


Kazakhstan is a landlocked state, which means that it is a country that is surrounded by other countries. Which means people from Kazakhstan have to travel far away, out of the country if they ever wanted to see the beach or enjoy the seashore. 

There’s hardly any people around. In fact, Kazakhstan has one of the thinnest populations in the world. That means that a lot of the wild has been able to exist without a lot of human activity. You’ll love the Kazakhstan countryside, which is made up of vast grasslands and lakes.

The weather can be very extreme, ranging from extremely warm during the summer, to freezing cold in the winter, and both the humans and wildlife have had no choice but to adapt. 


There’s a lot of biodiversity in the Kazakhstan wild, with plenty of unique and rare species such as wolves, foxes, corsac foxes, snow leopards and moose. There’s also a lot of unique moss and other plant life that is only found in this country. 

Although they have a lot of room to play around in, human activity still does a lot of harm to the Kazakhstan wild. One of the world’s greatest environmental disasters actually happened in this country, where the Aral sea (a massive lake in the area) completely dried up after a poorly planned development project. 

People and culture

The people of Kazakhstan are a diverse group of people, who are a mix of ethnic Kazakh people, Russians living in the country from the times of the USSR, and a bunch of other smaller groups of people including the Uighurs.

This has helped Kazakhstan to have a colourful and rich culture which is seen in its iconic literature, music, films and other media. There is a strong Russian influence thanks to the USSR occupation as well as the many ethnic Russians that did live in the country as well as some Turk flavour as well.